What is the profession of a dealer? What is the Role?

What is the profession of a dealer? What is the Role?

What is the profession of a dealer? You can understand the general concept of the dealer profession, which is a trader. While carrying out these business forms, the state directly protects this profession. So, what fields are dealers operating in? Let’s find out with VIPPH!

What Is a Dealer Profession?

At large casinos, the dealer deals and distributes cards to players. In addition to real-life casinos, players can participate directly in online bookies.

That’s why you will see the dealer appear, carry out dealing cards, and return results. All of their activities will be broadcast live for players to follow. In addition, nowadays, thanks to modern technology, dialers can communicate and interact directly with real people. Therefore, bettors will experience the easiest and most authentic way when participating in online bookies.

Football Betting

In betting, the dealer also has the main task of closing the bet before the match ends. This means that for a short period of time, about 15 seconds, they will prevent players from continuing to bet.

The dealer’s task is to analyze and evaluate in detail the results of the match being played. Their main goal is to help the house earn as much profit as possible. Usually, this job requires people with quick psychology and techniques to read situations. From there, making the most accurate predictions and judgments for the house is easy.

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Securities Sector

Unlike football and casino fields, securities dealers have more legal jobs. The stock market has developed and existed for a relatively long time. It is also known as a legal investment channel that brings high profits to investors. However, it is also considered a risky activity for investors who want to make high profits in the future.

Securities activities

In the stock trading market, these 4 investors can trade in ways that suit them, such as stocks, gold, currencies, or oil. In the past 2 years in Vietnam, dealers in the securities industry have become increasingly popular. Therefore, this is also considered a job that helps people make profits quickly.

Why do we say Dealer is attractive?

High payout:

The dealer’s salary can range from several hundred million to billions of dollars each year. Depending on the welfare regime and dealer experience, the house also provides scientifically developed support.

Attractive commissions:

The bonus the dealer receives depends on the amount of money the dealer wins from the player and ranges from 3 to 5% commission.

Attractive bonuses:

In addition to commission discounts at current exchanges, especially Sv388, Dealers can receive monthly, quarterly or annual rewards.

Food and accommodation are provided:

Usually, when you become a dealer for a particular house, you will be fully taken care of with comfortable accommodation and food.

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Life and work in a good training environment, improving communication and foreign language skills and handling situations quickly.

Promotion opportunities:

If he works well, the dealer can be promoted to higher positions at the house.

What Problems Do Dealers Encounter?

The dealer’s salary will be deducted if, at the betting table, the player wins and the dealer loses about 30%.

Dealers who cause extensive damage to the system will also be fired or compensated with a large sum of money.

Most dealers will have to work all day, so there will be little time to rest…

However, if you compare, you will realize that the benefits you receive will be greater. The reason is that in recent times, this is still considered a popular profession.

When you want to become a professional demon, the most important thing is to have a sharp mind. These people must have good social skills and know how to analyze situations quickly. Especially if you want to earn a big commission from the house, you need to have a smart IQ and a deep understanding of the job.